Infographic from Exceptional PPM and PMO Solutions™: How to Prioritize and Align Projects to Best Achieve the Organization’s Strategic Objectives


🔥 The Project Portfolio Management Project Scoring Tool content and infographic were updated. The new (2023) version is here.

Project and program management focus on “doing the work right.” Project portfolio management deals with “doing the right work,” and it is a vital part of ensuring the success of the organization’s overall strategic plan. Exceptional PPM and PMO Solutions' Project Portfolio Management Project Scoring Tool uses an array of primarily objective criteria to help technology and business leaders assess and prioritize proposed projects to best achieve strategic objectives. The resource—in the form of an infographic—is provided for review and potential adaptation. The strategic objectives, criteria, scales, and other details should be tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

The infographic in low resolution format is shown below.


A higher resolution version is available here.


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